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A short story from Luciano

Posted by Martino Convertino on

Hi All, today I would like to share a short story that happened to me. That is not a "happy" story, but in my opinion it makes us musing on the REAL important things in our Lives: Love, Gratitude, Kindness...

As many among you might remember, I am a Flight Attendant with Qantas. That is a great job, I have the priceless opportunity of travelling and meeting great people... and many among them are The Italianos fans!

I always try to do my best for our passengers and having my dedication and efforts acknowledged in such an emotional way brought me to tears.

Please take the time to read the email that I have received from one of our passenger, Mrs Voke (Volka). It is definitely worth it:

"Hi Luciano,

Just 3 weeks ago you were our steward in Premium Economy from Hong Kong to Sydney. You were kind enough to give me your card and help mum and I off the flight with mum in a wheel chair.

Sadly, Mum passed away on Saturday -very  suddenly. We had had some horrible experiences on flights to and from Germany on our way to Poland to visit my daughter for Christmas. However, you made her so happy on that last flight she felt like she was a Princess. She was happy to tell people how nice you were to her. And she was also a little chuffed that a famous person had been so nice to her.

Thank you so much for everything you did for us on our flight. And if you can please thank the others staff who were so kind to her.

With love from

Voke (Volka)"

I expressed her my gratitude and sent my deepest condolences, also on behalf of Martino, and asked her permission to publish her heartfelt words on our blog. I thank Mrs Volka once again for having shared with us such an emotional part of Her Life. Mrs Volka, your Mum was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed. 

 Love U always,




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