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Do you know what Corallina is?

Posted by Martino Convertino on

In Italian "Barriera Corallina" means Coral Barrier Reef (corallina = made of coral).

But guess what! The word "corallina" is also the name of a very special salami! 

Corallina is a well-known salami in Rome, but its origins are Umbrian, from Norcia.


In ancient times it was produced by a few butchers only for the Easter period: it was an essential element of the breakfast that was consumed on the morning of Easter Sunday, accompanied with typical cheese pizza, with boiled eggs and wine drinking!

The old recipe provides lean pork, minced fine, with addition of lard into small cubes; bagging in natural casing, gives the product an intense aroma and a delicate taste.


The great success of the Reef, initially linked to the period of the Easter celebrations, it was later extended to all year making it now a “classic”.

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