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Happy New Year! We have learnt...

Posted by Martino Convertino on

2016!!!! What a ride, guys! Everything started by chance with an home-made video and suddenly here we are: The Italianos!

Ding-Dong! And everyone opened up their doors for us.

We are grateful and happy and looking for new endeavours. And we have also learnt a lot during this fantastic year…

We have learnt that reality is fun but real life is much more important.
We have learnt that celebrity is a blast, but being ourselves is the real success.

We have learnt that eventually the only ones who can make our lives meaningful are: Family, Friends… and Fans.

We have learnt that someone can try to take advantage of us, but we are stronger (and cleverer!) than hucksters.

We have learnt that sometimes saying a nice “no” is much better than saying a forced “yes”.

We have learnt that we might be among the best in making fancy pasta, but we really would like to be able to feed the planet with our pasta and cancel starvation and waste of food (yes! That is true! We ARE Dreamers! But we really want to do our small part giving back to the Community).

We have learnt that Passion is a great driver, but Love is the long lasting “thing”.

We have learnt that a Unique Year has gone, but we cannot wait to make the next one even more Unique and Unforgettable.

Have a fantastic NYE and a New Year which will be your masterpiece: in the kitchen and everywhere else. We so do want to do so!

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  • Paul Hallam on

    Beautiful words from 2 friends.
    I wish you both a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year, and success in your future ventures.

  • Marinella on

    Beautiful words… really worth a reading. Happy New Year to you!

  • Esther on

    What a wonderful message. Food for thoughts. Many thanks and Happy New Year to you, Boys!

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