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MKR 2017: Will the Serious Siblings Amy and Tyson win the competition?

Posted by Martino Convertino on

We have to say that we are AMAZED by this year MKR Season. That is really Season-ing!

Not only they continue to break the records and smash the audience (even though this year audience is lower than last year), but it looks like they have chosen very strong teams, forte in unusual and definitely interesting dishes that we cannot wait to try and taste. Bravo Tim and Kyle and Amy and Tyson!

We are wondering if Amy and Tyson are going to win the competition, also because the following article that has just published on the Daily Mail:

WOW! What do you think? Of course it is hard to say, because we have to watch many more couples to come, however if that news is true, that would be a clue... wouldn't it?




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  • Dolores on

    Please please please MKR Pete and Manu let Amy and Tyson win Please?

  • Meaghan on

    learn to spell and use your grammar. Why shouldn’t he hire these people? If he feels they are worthy of a job in his restaurants then so be it. I quite like Tysons honesty its refreshing instead of all the crap. He says it how it is.

  • Michael Klobucar on

    Tyson & his sister should be kicked of the show no wonder they got a perfect score from Peter ?

  • chris on

    i hope not i also hope David and Betty lose tonight, and Pete you employing some of these contestants is wrong, it`s not fair on the majority , in fact i would also like to see u gone

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