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Our Story


How long have we known each other? We do not know. We feel like we have known each other as brothers since we were born. We were both born under the sign of the Capricorn, one week apart (Martino on the 2nd of January and Luciano on the 9th of January… please do not ask for the year, hehehe!) and the stars were good to us. However Martino was born in Italy, Luciano in Australia; Martino comes from Siena, Tuscany and Luciano from Griffith, NSW, from an Italian family hailing from the Abruzzo region in Italy. So far away, but the stars wanted us to become so close. We grew up in traditional Italian families, despite the fact that we were at least 16,400kms apart. We were both passionate about cooking since we were kids, and our mothers and grandmothers taught us how to master traditional Italian dishes from different Italian regions.

Italians, gay and very extrovert we both had a very lively youth. Martino has an Italian University Degree and followed some of his passions becoming a High School teacher of Italian Literature and Arts and spending his spare time as an actor for the local Theatres in Siena. He played the role of Shakespearean Macbeth on many occasions. Luciano became a flight attendant for Qantas and fell in love with a very talented Italian painter. When they broke up, Luciano moved to Italy for a while during the partnership between Qantas and Alitalia. In the year 2000, Martino decided to move to Australia from Italy, following his heart: a big love for Australia at first sight. In the meantime, Luciano came back to Australia and became part of the celebrated Qantas Pathfinder Review as a singer and actor. We met each other in Sydney, during the LGBT Mardi Gras, where we danced the night away. We then started to cook for our friends, sharing our passion for cooking and the legacy of our mothers and grandmothers. And now we want to share with you the zest for life and for cooking that we have learnt during our incredibly interesting lives and experiences. Please spend some time with us. You are more than welcome to share our space!